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Intelligent Lighting Concepts
Houses of Worship

Synagogues, churches, and other religious institutions calls on us regularly for "architainment" lighting design, theater setup for holiday shows and fundraisers, rentals, and sales. We understand your religious institution or nonprofit society and will do everything in our power to minimize costs, maximize functionality of your mixed-use space, and boost your fundraising profits. Educated and culturally-sensitive staff understands your needs.

Recent Projects

Bay Terrace Jewish Center, Bay Terrace, New York City (2009-2010) Bay Terrace

Frequent lighting design and consultation for community theater and fundraising events in the shul; redesign of stage lighting system. We added battens for lighting and helped restore the auditorium's grandeur. Distributed dimming of new fixtures and re-routing wires from permanently-installed fixtures added much versatility to control of light from various areas. A simple memory board controls the system from one of several locations.

Marathon Jewish Community Center, Douglaston, New York City (2008-2009) Marathon JCC

Installed two wall tormentors in lieu of yearly rentals of towers; there is now a much neater and more professional look to the lighting system in the house (not to mention increased safety). Distributed dimming on these pipes compliment the 12-channel 2.4kW/ch dimmer pack installed backstage, which controls the lighting on the stage batten. We installed MR-16 borderlights to fill the upstage area and wash backdrops with color. The whole system replaces the rental of antiquated direct-control equipment year after year.

Iglesia Cristiana, Orlando, Florida (2005) Iglesia Cristiana

We worked with contractors to suggest a suitable stage lighting system that would also be used for multi-media worship service in a large church. The setup consisted of traditional ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, PAR cans, and DMX-controlled color-changing wash units. A dimmer rack was installed on the side of the stage, with distribution installed by contractor to six truss sections. DMX cable was run to each truss to accommodate intelligent lights and future expansion of moving lights. A simplified wiring diagram was provided for church personnel.
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