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Intelligent Lighting Concepts
Schools, Universities, and Other Educational Institutions

Smart IdeaDon't trust your school or university stage lighting system to an architect or technician... let a teacher design it for you. Scott Eckers, owner, understands the specific needs of educational institutions because he is a full-time public school teacher when he is not designing your lights and installing your equipment. Everyday use of and instruction of pupils on school stage lighting systems gives him an edge not to be found at any other firm -- training as a school administrator makes it easy for our company to navigate purchase orders and understand budget needs.

Recent Projects

Fallsburg Jr.-Sr. High School, Fallsburg, New York (July 2010) Fallsburg

I was called in to review the lighting setup in a rural high school with an established drama program. Several issues needed to be addressed, including inappropriate use of existing lighting equipment and an antiquated lighting board. This repertory plot was suggested for the school, based on the existing hanging positions and available fixtures. Dimmers, distribution, and rigging were updated c. 1990 but had been used largely under capacity and haphazardly. This setup significantly improves lighting in all school plays and events; a modern DMX controller enables the transition from school to professional stage lighting. A lousy distribution plan still prevails on the electrics battens but it was not worth replacing. Make sure to check out the crazy use of permanently installed borderlights in the proscenium position. Don't try this at home!

Harry B. Thompson Middle School, Syosset, New York (April 2010) Fallsburg

Repertory plot for 66' wide school stage with limited amount of fixtures and dimmers. There are limited opportunities for mounting fixtures in the front-of-house position and only twelve distributed outlets per batten. This space uses an A/D converter to make use of a Strand Electro Controls Quad Rack with an ETC Express console. We planned the installation of new side tormentors for additional stage and choral lighting. These positions have greatly increased lighting capabilities and use distributed dimming with DMX-capable accessories. We also priced, purchased, and installed a new sound system.

Syosset Central School District, New York (Spring-Summer 2010) Syosset

Comprehensive review and establishment of a capital improvement plan for seven elementary and two middle schools. Extensive work with school administrators. Pre-existing and suggested drawings for each location.

East Meadow Union Free School District, East Meadow, New York (since 1990s) Woodland

Provide ongoing support and services to East Meadow schools, working with the director of Fine Arts and the high school music chairman. Maintenance of existing lighting equipment; planning an upgrade to new DMX and analog/architectural control systems. Lighting design for two schools, Woodland Middle School and East Meadow High School, on a yearly basis.

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