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Intelligent Lighting Concepts
Hotels and Clubs

We have extensive experience designing your club or hotel entertainment venue. Our firm is an established designer of historical settings and well-known attractions. Hotels and developments in the Catskill Mountains entertainment region of New York regularly call on our services for support and we have refurbished existing systems in numerous older theaters in the Northeast. Let us breathe new life into your old setup or give your club a complete makeover... call (607) 797-2950 today!

Recent Project

Kutsher's Country Club, Monticello, New York (July 2010) Kutsher's

We were called in one week before a large show in a large neglected night club. An analysis and redesign of the existing stage lighting system was drafted the same day. We acquired all the necessary equipment, including replacement lamps, color media, and replacement parts for analog dimmers and patch panels within two days. The entire week was spent fixing the fixtures and dimming system and realizing the new lighting design. We were constrained by an extremely small budget, the required use of 1960s fixtures, 1980s dimmers, and inhouse electrical problems. The results were excellent:
"It worked out really well. The lights looked really good. Now that's how a stage SHOULD be lit! Both bands musically were great but vocally left me something to be desired. There were AAAAALLLOOOTTT of people. Again, thanks for your help and all your hard work.It's greatly appreciated!" - Gregg DiStefano, Stage Manager
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