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Sweeney Todd Stage

For over ten years, CEO Scott M. Eckers (SME Enterprises) has been an established lighting designer, design and sales consultant, and mentor.

  • Although based in the New York City area, we have traveled to many locations up and down the east coast. 
  • Our design expertise has enabled us to find intelligent, cost-effective solutions for all segments of the industry.
  • Our relationship with major manufacturers and distributors of theatrical lighting equipment lowers all total costs.
  • We work with contractors and electricians to custom-design your architectural project in all its stages.
  • No project is too small: we are experts at maximizing resources to make all modest projects professional.
  • No project is too large: we have designed entire theaters, churches, night clubs, and outdoor performance spaces.

Contact us at (607) 797-2950. Our free, friendly advice is sure to help you in your endeavors. Please use the links to the left to explore some of our recent endeavors.


"This week was fun though. Once on This Island was this weekend. I thought the show went really super well. I loved it. It gave me chills every time I watched it. Scott Eckers, who does the lights, is amazing. He did a lighting design while watching the show for the first time. It wasn't even like he watched it, got an idea, and then did it, no, he just DID it. He's awesome. And the show totally over-sold-out, thanks to Saturday's crowd. There were like a million people there, it was incredible. And Kayla and I ran lights for it! Yay!"

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